What is the Greenopoly?

In theory, the Greenopoly is the NATORZ counterweight to a certain form of the monopoly, particularly of money and power which has corrupted and co-opted our current economic and political systems to favor its benefactors, who include plutocrats and big business corporations using their money and power to squeeze even more money and power from everyone else for themselves.  In practice, the Greenopoly will counterbalance that near-monopoly of money and power in its capitalist money-churning machine of economy with our own pool of money and power by G.R.E.E.N.-laundering them in our parallel NATORZ economy.  After the money is G.R.E.E.N.-laundered, it will be quarantined and circulated exclusively within the NATORZ economy.  As the NATORZ economy develops, grows and succeeds, it has the potential to become a monopoly in the industries and business sectors it operates in because there is only one capital owner, who is NATORZ itself.

We believe the initial backers of the NATORZ Greenopoly will comprise of a coalition of different people and organizations from all walks of life and from all corners of the world, they all share a common goal, which is to make our human world better for everyone.  They are the frontline warriors in our current fight for economic, social and political justice, while trying to achieve peace, harmony and progress in our society.  They are also the ones working to make our society more SSR (sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient), more G.R.E.E.N. and more climate-friendly, thereby automatically aligning themselves with the NATORZ mission.  They believe that ‘socializing gains and socializing costs’ is a better alternative than capitalism’s ‘privatizing gains and socializing costs’ solutions to the world’s problems.  They are going to join forces with NATORZ and coalesce into a singular formidable opponent to our current corrupt, capitalist and plutocratic political and economic systems.  By combining with all their economic resources and power, we can unite to create the Greenopoly and advance the NATORZ economic agenda.

The advantages of the Greenopoly are the same as a monopoly.  By harnessing the monopolistic market power, the Greenopoly can enjoy superior efficiency gains from economies of scale, streamlining, standardization, horizontal and vertical integration, specialization, reduction of resource waste and duplication, market bargaining power, talents attraction and additional and compound investment in productivity and sales promotion, like research and development, automation, technology, marketing, etc.  In turn, it will create a virtuous business cycle of enhanced efficiency, enhanced product quality, enhanced consumer satisfaction, enhanced sales and enhanced profits.

The economy is all about numbers. Running a business is a numbers game. The Greenopoly can control its costs and revenues by adopting the best business practices while reinvesting all its profits to augment the virtuous business cycle and the money multiplier effect.  The Greenopoly is well positioned to make sure all the numbers add up to be successful.  In addition, the recent capitalist economy has been benefitting a minority while leaving the majority of workers behind.  NATORZ will be appealing to that majority.  If most people are to believe that there will be more economic advances way into the future, then their natural and logical choice is to side with the NATORZ economic enterprises which socialize gains for the masses, in lieu of the capitalist economic enterprises which privatize gains for a selected few.  Again, the Greenopoly can win by its strength in numbers.

With both G.R.E.E.N.-laundering and Greenopoly, NATORZ can effectively take control of the four prerequisites of its need-based economy: demand, supply, market and exchange medium (money), completely transform it by ‘natorization,’ and reallocate sufficient resources for other important purposes, like climate change solutions.  At NATORZ, we can win the numbers game and we can win the money game, by deploying the G.R.E.E.N. money in its G.R.E.E.N. economy for a G.R.E.E.N. future.

Let us imagine what if…