The NATORZ countermeasure for human self-interest and greed

Human self-interest is innate through evolution for survival.  As our modern society develops, our basic survival needs are mostly met not individually, but through our structured collective economy.  Without the need for physical survival, our self-interest instinct resurfaces in other places, especially where competition is tough.  The capitalist economy supplies the perfect setup for self-interest and greed to fester where the market economy is the ideal breeding ground.  Certain humans designed the capitalist economy around human self-interest and certain humans have been capitalizing on capitalism for their own self-interest.  Capitalism predicates competition for efficient resource allocation and baits us using the profit incentive.  Perpetual profit-seeking by the capitalist opportunists becomes the raison d’être of our economy and can only be continued through endless and mindless production and consumption of goods while simultaneously entrapping the working class in the ‘Hamster Wheel of Capitalist Progress.’  The vicious cycle is complete and becomes self-serving.  The relentless burning of fossil fuels just happens to be the energy source of the moment and the unintended climate havoc may well be a wake-up call for the suffering majority in the current labor force.

We may not be able to wipe out self-interest and greed from our DNA but we need to work with it to our advantage.  We are proposing a two-part strategy to achieve this: encourage self-preservation and discourage privatizing economic gains.  The first part of encouraging self-preservation is simple and straightforward.  Most Americans, as much as 65% according to one poll, want the government to combat climate change.  We are all aware that the climate is changing for the worst and we are all hearing about more and more extreme climate events.  We are all for keeping our lives and properties safe from climate destruction except one stickler, the economic costs.  This is where the second part comes in.

In order to reallocate human, material and financial resources to combat climate change, we have to restructure our current economy.  Luckily, we believe there is a lot of room to maneuver and we have to start with discouraging the practice of privatizing economic gains.  To suppress self-interest and greed, we need to make sure there are minimal economic gains to privatize, take away the incentive to privatize economic gains, make the collective public economic gains more valuable than the private economic gains, and/or make the cost of privatizing economic gains high, like imposing a heavy penalty.

If all economic enterprises do not operate to maximize profit, but pay everyone the same living wage and use the profit to boost employment, reinvest the profit into worthwhile causes, or practice universal profit-sharing, then there will be minimal profiteering or privatizing economic gains.  If all economic enterprises only engage in economic activities that cater predominantly to what the society and its citizens need, but not what they want, then there will be no incentive to privatize economic gains.  If all economic enterprises agree to offer and support satisfying jobs and reasonable working conditions by sharing all economic burdens, then any labor participation will make the collective public economic gains more valuable than the private economic gains.  If all economic enterprises outlaw privatizing economic gains and the penalty is expulsion from all said economic enterprises, then it will make the cost of privatizing economic gains formidable.  This is how NATORZ will counter the human self-interest and greed persistent in a capitalist economy in a nutshell and this is what Natoronomics or the new economic theory of the NATORZ will be based on.

At the basic level, we all participate in the economy to make a living.  When our economy becomes capitalist, we automatically become part of the capitalist system.  To extract ourselves from it means removing ourselves completely from our capitalist society and it is not practical or even desirable.  There are good parts and bad parts of our capitalist economy.  If we are able to separate them and deliberately and consciously participate in the good parts only, then there is a chance for us to change our current wayward course.

Capitalism controls and manipulates an economy through specific rules and a government controls and manipulates an economy through specific regulations.  Those rules and regulations are supposed to make the market fair so that a level playing field can inspire confidence for everyone to participate.  Instead, a minority of people are surreptitiously rigging the supposedly free market for self-interest at the expense of the majority, with tainted rules and regulations.  Basically, they are stealing from others to line their own pockets, or privatizing (internalizing) gains while socializing (externalizing) costs.

There is no other way around it except to create a separate economy that is fair and beneficial to all participants with its own clean rules and regulations: the NATORZ economy (governed by Natoronomics,) under the NATORZ Doctrine.  For the sake of simplicity, we are going to describe everything in the NATORZ economy as ‘G.R.E.E.N.’ (defined as Good for the human Race, Environment, Economy and Needy) and everything in the traditional capitalist economy as ‘red’ interchangeably from now on.

Not only will NATORZ create and operate a separate G.R.E.E.N. economy, it will also remove the profit mandate and restructure the traditional model of motivation and reward for jobs under capitalism in the red economy.  This is the only way that we can overcome the deficiencies of capitalism to spare the human, material and financial resources to deal with our stubborn climate change problems.

Let us imagine what if…