Preview of the sequel: NATORZ 1.0

An inzider’s day

My name is Sky Howard.  I am 25 years old.  I live in a SSR NATORZ community, at FCB1 (Floating City Block 1), the very first prototype from a retrofitted supersize 200,000-gross-registered-ton cruise ship which can sleep at least 4,000 people with the equivalent facilities, services and amenities to support a regular functioning town, including schools and clinics.  Currently, we are stationed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, near the Great Pacific Ocean Gyre.

This morning, I feel particularly refreshed and energized.  Nothing beats eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and fresh air, which is constantly being cleansed, cycled and exchanged through our passive heating and cooling system, for a good night’s rest.  Like any typical work day, I wake up at 7 o’clock, get ready and dressed before heading for breakfast in the communal dining room, which is my favorite place in our community.  It is open from six in the morning till midnight every day, always fully stocked with predominantly fresh, seasonal (from our own greenhouse), nutritious, mostly unprocessed vegetarian food for any taste bud.

Since NATORZ prioritizes health, we all try to live a balanced lifestyle.  We generally sleep 8 hours, work 8 hours and play 8 hours, more or less.  Exercise and meditation can be voluntarily built into our schedule for anyone lacking self-motivation.  Everything we subject our bodies to in the community is rendered as natural and harmless as possible.  We are all educated about how to take good care of our bodies and minds.

Every time I walk into the dining room, I am usually overcome with a warm feeling inside me due to a combination of expectation and subsequent satisfaction, aroused from the wholesome nourishment and the accompanied vitality.  The surrounding sight, sound, smell and taste also stimulate and satiate my every sense, to prime me for the rest of the day.

Before I head to my workstation, I check my e-notice board and am greeted with good news.  With our productivity gain from a newly implemented robotic process, our daily work hours just get reduced for another 3 minutes.

Living up to our motto ‘Work to live,’ all the residents split up, rotate and work an equal amount in different jobs to support all our critical and essential industries and services.  Sometimes we have to work more, mostly due to emergency situations.  But sometimes we get to work less, when there is a productivity gain which is shared by everyone.

Since all jobs are essential, we believe everyone should share, contribute and learn all the different jobs as much as possible.  This is how we get to appreciate and ensure the smooth functioning and operation of our community with no interruption.

Everybody is assigned to partake in both interesting and mundane jobs.  But we also get to trade or swap hours on Emart, our online work marketplace, after fulfilling our basic 20% annual familiarization commitment.  This system offers flexibility and deliberate redundancy or insurance in case of critical failure.

In our specific NATORZ community, we are provided with free room and board in lieu of a salary as we are isolated and have to be self-contained and self-sufficient, with no interaction with the red economy.  In other NATORZ communities near the big urban population centers, they do not have the luxury to choose as they are situated in the midst of the red economy and have to mingle with them.  So their residents work only in the NATORZ economy and receive the same living wage or the equivalent arrangement which guarantees to cover their room and board.

My fellows like to tease me about always wearing a smile at work because I get all lightened up about how I get to enjoy myself after work.  Tonight, for example, I have a ceramics workshop before meeting up with my friends to a virtual free concert by my favorite indie band, Mesmerizing Mermaids.  I can’t wait.  I cannot believe how lucky I am to have such a good life.


The End