Q &A for the Nature Order Zociety (NATORZ)

What is the Nature Order Zociety?

The Nature Order Zociety or NATORZ is a non-profit human, humane, and humanist grassroots organization, together with its charters, that pool human, material and financial resources from its members to organize, build and retrofit sustainable, self-sufficient, resilient, carbon neutral, environmentally friendly and safe community-economies for human inhabitation based on a set of evidence-based scientific principles and best practices available from the order of nature and human discoveries.  Through smart, sensible and responsible actions, NATORZ aims at maximizing resource utilization, efficiency and benefits while minimizing waste and impact on the natural ecosystems to achieve health, happiness, harmony, high quality of life and harm minimization for humans while maintaining well-being, balance and survival of all other living species on Earth.

What is the vision of the Nature Order Zociety?

The Nature Order Zociety is intended as an alternative new age world order to rescue the human race from demise and possible extinction due to climate changes caused by humans, and an attempt to rearrange and possibly replace the existing world order that takes advantage of a flawed capitalist economic model to favor, maximize and perpetuate benefits and privileges for individuals and corporations who are associated with the oligarchy of moneyed interests and political powers, at the expense of the rest of the populace, the common good and the natural environment.  NATORZ is hoping to offer a sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient refuge for its members who either want to remove themselves from involving with complicity in the corrupt capitalist economic system and liberating themselves from the enslavement by the exploitative capitalist corporations or employers; or are so disenfranchised and deprived that they can no longer lead a decent, quality and dignified way of life.

What is the mission of the Nature Order Zociety?

In a Nature Order Zociety community, all the inhabitants are expected to work, contribute and share responsibilities as equitably as possible, to sustain and support the livelihood of everyone, by means of providing food, water, air quality control, shelter, sanitation, energy/power, basic necessities, health care, education, transportation, communication, general maintenance and anything that are for the common good and are critical or essential for a sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient human society to exist and function.  To put it in other words, everybody works to live and not lives to work. Once the survival physical needs and necessities are met, the inhabitants are free to pursue their own hobbies, interests, passions and avocations.

By ensuring a healthy, sane and balanced lifestyle within NATORZ and focusing on only our physical needs but not wants, we, as a human race, can free up and concentrate all our available human, material and financial resources, especially money, time and talents, and develop our full potentials to start to tackle a myriad of problems afflicting this world, particularly averting the impending climate disasters caused by human-induced global warming and leaving an admirable role model and enduring legacy for our future generations.

What is the NATORZ Doctrine?

The NATORZ Doctrine is best illustrated by the NATORZ solution schematic in the following diagram, which presents layers of core principles that define, encompass and permeate the NATORZ being.  The Nature Order Zociety will include the three domains of any society: Economy, Community and Government; enveloped by the 3H principles: being Human, Humane and Humanist; then by the SSR1 principles: being Sustainable, Self-sufficient and Resilient; then by the 5h principles: Health, Happiness, Harmony, High quality of life and Harm minimization; and lastly by ssr2 principles: being Smart, Sensible and Responsible.


Under the NATORZ Doctrine, the members of NATORZ have to pledge: on the one hand, to observe and preserve the nature order, to be the protector, guardian and custodian of the Earth and to leave it a better place as a legacy for the future generations in the natural world; and on the other hand, to be the benevolent follower and enforcer of truth, integrity, justice and good conscience and to foster safety and security in the physical and cyber segments of the human world.


What is the NATORZ definition of G.R.E.E.N.?

G.R.E.E.N. stands for Good for the human Race, Environment, Economy and Needy.

What do the terms, ‘natorize,’ ‘natorized,’ ‘natorizing’ and ‘natorization’ mean?

‘Natorize’ is the verb derived from the root, NATORZ and the others are its variants for different forms and parts of speech.  To ‘natorize’ means to become healthy and harmless, G.R.E.E.N. (Good for the human Race, Environment, Economy and Needy), sustainable and climate change friendly.  It usually refers to companies, businesses, industries, economic enterprises or practices.

What is Natoronomics?

Natoronomics is the branch of knowledge that underpins and directs all NATORZ economic activities and goals pursued by the Nature Order Zociety and its members, by adhering to the NATORZ Doctrine, and by aiming at making all aspects of the NATORZ economy become ‘natorized.’  Natoronomics promotes the NATORZ ethos of ‘work to live’ which will replace the capitalist ethos of ‘live to work.’  Natoronomics also introduces and deploys two new economic concepts and practices to achieve its goals.  They are: G.R.E.E.N.-laundering and Greenopoly.

What is G.R.E.E.N.-laundering and how does it work?

When the money is used to fund unsustainable and red economic practices in the traditional capitalist economy, it becomes what we call red money because it is draining the lifeblood of the Earth.  When it is used to fund sustainable and G.R.E.E.N. economic practices in the NATORZ economy, it becomes G.R.E.E.N. money because it represents a growth medium that nourishes the lifeblood of the Earth.  Right now, all the red money and G.R.E.E.N. money are mixed together and there is no way to track which is used for what.  In an ideal world, all the money should be G.R.E.E.N. and that should be NATORZ’s ultimate goal if we want to save the world.  Therefore, the NATORZ economy will support only sustainable and G.R.E.E.N. economic practices, so the G.R.E.E.N. money can stay G.R.E.E.N. and will never be used as red money.  The process of turning all money G.R.E.E.N. in circulation and keeping them G.R.E.E.N. is called G.R.E.E.N.-laundering.

What is the Greenopoly?

In theory, the Greenopoly is the NATORZ counterweight to a certain form of the monopoly, particularly of money and power which has corrupted and co-opted our current economic and political systems to favor its benefactors, who include plutocrats and big business corporations using their money and power to squeeze even more money and power from everyone else for themselves.  In practice, the Greenopoly will counterbalance that near-monopoly of money and power in its capitalist money-churning machine of economy with our own pool of money and power by G.R.E.E.N.-laundering them in our parallel NATORZ economy.  After the money is G.R.E.E.N.-laundered, it will be quarantined and circulated exclusively within the NATORZ economy.  As the NATORZ economy develops, grows and succeeds, it has the potential to become a monopoly in the industries and business sectors it operates in because there is only one capital owner, who is NATORZ itself.

What is a Floating City Block (FCB)?

Floating City Blocks will form the principal makeup of the NATORZ marine mobile residential units, which will hopefully become one of the model accommodation plans for the NATORZ communities.  As the ocean rises, there is no practical way that the coastal cities can retreat orderly, efficiently, effectively and without an astronomical cost outlay.  Those coastal cities and every fixed structure in them will slowly but surely be swallowed by the rising water.  Instead of wasting resources to secure them temporarily or move inland or to higher ground, a smarter, more sensible and more responsible solution is to construct the sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient FCBs to relocate and accommodate the displaced population for the long term.

The advantages of FCB being mobile and buoyant are obvious and numerous.  The most self-evident one is the fact that the ocean currently occupies about 70% of the Earth’s surface area and will continue to increase.  Without knowing the eventual coastline, it is a safer bet and we will be better off to abandon and leave the remaining land area strategically and methodically now, so that it can start to restore the balance of the Earth’s natural ecosystems and allow us to harvest critical natural resources as needed, e.g. clean water, raw materials, edible and medicinal plant and seed stocks, etc.

Isn’t NATORZ Marxist, socialist or communist leaning? Why will NATORZ succeed when no other Marxist, socialist or communist state has succeeded?

There are a lot of published materials that support or criticize the theories of Marxism, socialism, communism and capitalism. A theory is only an idea and it has no practical value unless it is being tested out in real life applications. Once all the merits and flaws have played out in reality, then it can be further analyzed and improved or disregarded accordingly.  In addition, time and circumstances change.  Whatever fails before may succeed now, and vice versa.

The reality is that there is a climate crisis at present and capitalism is not solving the problem.  To save humanity, we have to try something different. NATORZ is not going to overthrow the current established frameworks and systems of institutions, but rather to work and implement changes from within. From there on, there will be a race between the capitalist economy and the NATORZ economy. Both economies will evolve with the new reality on a day-to-day basis. Maybe one of them will win or both of them will fail. Maybe it will be a hybrid of both or both will co-exist to force each other to continuously adjust and adapt to succeed. The outcome of the winner is uncertain and it does not matter as long as humanity will be saved.

The distinction of NATORZ from other theories is that it is separating and prioritizing human needs and wants and then quarantining them into two disparate economic compartments. The need-based compartment is socialized and the want-based compartment is privatized and they use two different currencies so that their effects on each other are isolated.  The goal is to take advantage of the best of both economic systems while preserving the most precious capital asset in the world: the integrity of the Planet Earth’s life supporting systems.