How it all started

Eighteen months earlier

“A tall order,” my mother told me.  “Just help me finsh my mission statement,” I urged her.  Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting the application for my new club at school.  I know exactly what my new club will be or will do.  It is just that it becomes bigger and grander every time I think about it.  I want to include all the good stuff in it and it gets bogged down, tangled and complicated.  I just need my mother who is super-logical and super-organized to sort it all out and finish the application so that I can actually start doing something about it.  She did.  By cutting out all the frilly, fringe and hardcore stuff and rhetoric, she claimed that it would attract members and not scare people away.

Name: Nature Order Zociety

Founder/Organizer: Sky Howard, 11th Grade

Mission/Purpose: To gather environmentally conscious people to discuss and study the feasibility of a sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient society for the future

Membership: Anyone

Dues: Free

Teacher/Advisor: Mr. Jimmy Hinkle (Environmental Science)

I am glad that Mr. Hinkle agreed to be my club advisor.  I did not have him for any of my classes yet, but being Vice President of the Environmental Club for the past two years, I got to know him as our advisor.  He is a nice guy and seems to be a committed environmentalist, so at least we speak the same language.  The only gripes I have with the Environmental Club are: we have limited membership because we only attract the converts who are a permanent minority; and the good we have done is perpetually outpaced and undone by the bad from the rest of the world.  How encouraging is it really if we keep going back to the same riverfront nature trail to haul out more and more trash every year?  I dare to say the same for any environmental organization, locally, nationally and internationally.

Looking at the new club application form one last time, I am really tempted to add extra words under membership: anyone except global warming and climate change skeptics, truth-defying liars, for-profit corporation lapdogs, money worshippers and ignorant people who keep their heads in the sand and disregard the writing on the wall about the current state of health of the Earth and the resulting plight of the vast disadvantaged human population around the world.  The Earth is ravaged, plundered and on life supports and I am sick and tired of the self-interests and greed of certain elites continuing to poke holes at her oxygen tube and intravenous drip feeding line.  I have to try something different and novel and I want to record every step of the way on this new journey in my journal.  So starting today, I am ready for and expecting a thrilling roller coaster ride.