How does NATORZ tackle the profit overdrive problem?

When the NATORZ economic enterprises do not operate to maximize profit, many good things will happen in the NATORZ economy, compared with a capitalist economy.  There will be no more profit overdrive problem because a minimal or non-existent profit cannot be bilked by the unprincipled ‘profit vultures.’ When the NATORZ economic enterprises only engage in economic activities that cater to what the society and its citizens need, but not what they want, then there will be no incentive to privatize and hoard profits because those profits cannot buy anything that is wanted but not needed.

When the NATORZ economic enterprises pay every employee the same living wage or its equivalent, all the savings in the wages will go toward the profit margin.  When the NATORZ economic enterprises use the profit to boost employment, unemployment will go down and more people will have a salary to support their livelihoods.  When the NATORZ economic enterprises reinvest the profit into worthwhile causes, the new investment can either create new businesses or increase workers’ productivity.  When the NATORZ economic enterprises practice universal profit-sharing, more workers will get a bigger payout as spending money.

At the current rate, one top capitalist CEO’s compensation will be able to pay the salaries of 200 workers.  At NATORZ, we believe that 200 workers will be more productive than one CEO.  Even if they are not, we believe that 200 workers will spend more money than one CEO.  All the net effects will be more money going into the NATORZ economy, turbo-charging its money multiplier effect and creating more growth, by simultaneously stopping the profit to flow to the rich who usually skim the money off the economic pool while injecting the said money back into the pool.

Without profit, how is an economy even going to work?  Firstly, the NATORZ economic enterprises will continue to make profit in the traditional sense: Revenue minus Expenses equals Profit, especially with the aforementioned increased productivity.  To avoid confusion, we are going to use a similar formula in the NATORZ economy with a new term: Revenue minus Expenses equals Gains.  The gains from the NATORZ economic enterprises will not go to the traditional capital owners but instead be shared or redistributed publicly in the different ways as mentioned above.

Secondly, profit in the form of money is only one kind of rewards and rewards can come in many different forms.  In the NATORZ economy, there will be different kinds of rewards, both tangible and intangible.  In short, people will be paid the same living wage in the form of G.R.E.E.N. money in the need-based compartment, and will additionally be rewarded in the form of a different currency, like a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoins, in the want-based compartment.

If the capital owners are not rewarded with profit, who will become the originators of new businesses?  Firstly, we do not need more new businesses that peddle want-driven merchandises that dwindle and deplete our resources.  Instead, we should carefully and judiciously allocate our human, material and financial resources among the most pressing and urgent physical needs of our society.  All the NATORZ economic enterprises will be ranked in terms of priority for resource allocation in the need-based compartment.  Secondly, capital owners will become obsolete in the NATORZ economy, which predicates that we should all share our capital for the collective public good.  By pooling all our members’ capital initially, NATORZ can buy up and operate existing businesses or create new businesses that fit the requirements of our need-based economic compartment and NATORZ will become the primary non-profit capital owner.

What is the most powerful or motivation or incentive in the NATORZ economy?  Basically, the complete NATORZ package under the NATORZ Doctrine.  It will serve our survival physical needs, rebuild and reinvest in socially cohesive and healthy communities, prevent the tragedy of the commons, and harness and utilize our creativity for self-actualization and purposeful lives while solving the world’s most pressing and needy problems.

Let us imagine what if…