Time and again, our government disappoints and fails us.  Emotions are high these months after the election.  Anger, despair, disappointment, disbelief, sadness, or fear may be exploding inside us and there seems to be no escape or outlet.  However, it is healthy to acknowledge and process those feelings, no matter how unpleasant they are.  I recommend taking a step back, pausing to seek the beauty around us and letting the wonderful things in this world to give us hope, strength and conviction.

It may be listening to your favorite playlists, engaging in your favorite pastimes, looking at beautiful people and things in your life or their pictures, going for a walk in nature, cooking your favorite recipes, watching your favorite shows, writing your journal, a song or a poem to express your feelings, talking or meeting with your loved ones and close friends, reading something that is funny, hopeful or inspiring, or anything that can put some serenity in you and give you faith in humanity, again.

After you have decompressed, the real work begins.  Recognizing that all the negative energy is unproductive, we should instead channel all that energy into something productive.  The fire inside your belly, don’t extinguish it.  Keep it alive and use it for positive actions that will lead to positive changes that will bring about positive outcomes.

The gravity of the Trump presidency and the Republican obstructionists in control of the Congress may seem ominous, but it should scare us into action.  This is a real opportunity that is forced upon us.  The stark reality is telling us that we can’t wait for our government to lead anymore, especially in dealing with climate change.  A Clinton presidency could have helped, but it is not enough to solve the climate problems, fast enough.

This urgency is immediate.  The Earth is being scorched, literally and metaphorically.  We are going to lose more and more if we wait any longer.  I am thinking to myself of all the dire scenarios, not just the extreme climate disasters, but the more mundane treasures in our lives.  Every morning when I drink my favorite cup of coffee, it may be the last one because climate change will take it away.  Every time when I look at my favorite flowers, it may be the last time because climate change will take them away, too.  Every time when I talk to my loved ones, especially the young relatives, it may be the last time because climate change will break up our social connections if not take them away, too.  There is absolutely no time to spare.  We have to speed up the process for positive changes to happen, on our own and by ourselves.  The onus is on us.

Our country is deeply divided, but divided we cannot continue, because there is no time to waste.  There has to be a way to unite, unite for the good and the well-being of the people, the entire country and the whole world.  What is good for the people should be good for the entire country.  What is good for the entire country should be good for the whole world.  We just need to present the right solution for everyone from all sides of the divide to see and sign up on.

This book is my own humble solution and my clarion call to you.  No matter how powerless you feel, you must not give up.  Until I finish this book, I have been waking up on most mornings to these lyrics in my head, “We fall asleep to revolution, and wake up to another sad excuse.  What a shame, how it got in our way…” from “Harsh Lights” by Nate Reuss.  Whatever mantra you prefer, you are the one who has to live up to your own expectations.

This book is a fiction, a deliberate choice.  The subject of climate change and its challenges facing humanity are real, grim and daunting.  It requires all the imagination in this world and a leap of faith to believe that we can still stop it, reverse it and bring the world back to order, its natural order.  We have to explore all possibilities to make that happen, for our own sake and for Planet Earth’s other inhabitants’ sake.

The Nature Order Zociety, as an organization, does not exist yet.  But I am hopeful that it will soon, in one form or another.  Meanwhile, I congratulate you on opening up your mind by reading and finishing the book.  What are you thinking about right now?  The next step is to: talk about it, write about it, tell others about it, recommend it, praise it, criticize it, make it better, spread the word, keep the conversation going, and do whatever you can until something concrete, positive and wonderful happens.

Please join me in the crusade to save the world.


Yours sincerely,

S. Hail