Early thoughts

We, modern humans, especially Americans, like to consider ourselves unique and special.  We have so much self-esteem that we value ourselves over and above everything else on Earth.  The fact is every natural thing, living or not, on Earth is unique and special.  During the current time span, Homo sapiens may consider ourselves reigning supreme, but over the geological time scale, we are merely a blip on the radar, or a happenstance with a delusion of grandeur.

Our collective egotism cumulates in this extreme arrogance so much so that our current worldview of dominion over every aspect of the Earth has eclipsed our instinct to keep the Earth’s systems in balance and harmony, for our own sustenance and survival.  Instead of acting smartly, sensibly and responsibly, even in the face of catastrophic climate changes, we are still wasting time and energy chasing down a power trip of ‘we can do whatever we want and we will always prevail’ that will ultimately be self-defeating and self-destructive.

We arrive at this stage of paralysis indirectly through our capitalist economic system.  The power dynamics of capitalism are structured to use money as a means to influence, mold and direct our attitudes and behaviors to run the economy but some people, especially the plutocrats, can easily exploit it to enrich themselves disproportionately more than the others.  The corrupt mechanism of ‘money buys power and power rewards with money’ further enmeshes the economic system with the political system to tilt the playing field in favor of the rich and the connected, and create a loop that deliberately excludes the majority.  The resulting economic and political power accumulation is then used to perpetuate and legitimize a rigged economic system in the name of capitalism under the guise of fairness and equal opportunity while robbing the general public their fair share of the economic pie. The masses are generally duped because of the sham of the supposedly legal economic and political systems and structures under our democracy.

With just enough money rewards dangling in front of the working class like a carrot, the plutocrats keep them go along with their ploy while they are misled to believe that they all have a chance to live a comfortable if not rich life, if they work hard.  Meanwhile, they thought they are getting a fair deal with their paychecks in exchange for their labor, so that they have the money to buy from all the consumer products available in the free market that they need and want.  In reality, they are being trapped in this money-centric economic treadmill with this never-stopping cycle of production and consumption that is depleting the Earth of its most critical resources and inadvertently destabilizing the climate patterns at our own peril, where a certain dystopian future is awaiting us.

There is no easy way out, even for those people who choose to go back and live off the land just like our pre-industrial ancestors.  It is not going to shield anyone from or change the trajectory of potential climate change disasters.  To save the majority of our human civilization, we need drastic, collective and corrective actions.  The first step is to break down the stranglehold of the ‘capitalist money leash’ that the plutocrats put on us through the existing entrenched economic and political structures and get off the economic treadmill to start freeing up the human, material and financial resources to address the climate change problems.

I have personally incriminated the role of money in our lives and we need to repudiate money as a gateway to assumed happiness and meaning in life.  It may lead to a total reordering of our economic lives and may appear to be scary, disruptive and disconcerting to a lot of people because we are not adapted to unfamiliar, rapid and drastic changes and we fear the uncertain and possibly negative outcomes.  But as long as we can properly plan, prepare and educate the public for that future, we can make the transition smooth, manageable and successful.

Currently, the Earth’s climate systems are out of balance.  Humans have emitted too much carbon dioxide to cause global warming.  We are burning too much fossil fuel to indulge in our modern lifestyles to pursue a capitalist economic system of continuous production and consumption of goods, of which only a small portion we biologically need.  If we change our economy and stop burning fossil fuels, we have a chance to avert climate disasters but we don’t know how to rearrange our livelihoods to support our every need.

I am sick and tired of sitting around and doing nothing.  Now, I am hoping I can channel my energy into the Nature Order Zociety and turn it into a forum for me and my peers to address this existential challenge of our lifetime and try to figure out what to do next.