A brief summary on the corruption of capitalism in America

As far back as human history goes, we have too many humans competing for limited and valuable resources and there have always been a minority rich class and a majority poor class.

The plutocrats have always been privately controlling and hoarding the resources for maximum benefits to themselves, initially as landowners and subsequently as capital owners and stockholders.

Politically, as the majority poor class grows bigger and bigger and is suffering more and more, they revolt and fight for their basic rights; hence, democracy comes along.

Economically, capitalism is supposed to spread the growth and prosperity as our society democratizes and modernizes by operating a free market to allow free access and free competition.  Anyone who has a bright idea and is willing to work hard has a chance of success in a free market.

The concept is welcomed by the democracies because capitalism can work as intended if it is managed well.

As long as there are more winners than losers, there is wide acceptance by the public and capitalism is considered a good thing.

But the selfish and greedy people are always trying to game the system, especially the plutocrats who want to perpetuate their wealth and privileges and are in an advantageous position to do so.

As the plutocrats gain more and more political power, they become kleptocrats and covertly skew rules and regulations relentlessly to favor their own kind, even in our democracy.

As the kleptocrats and their cronies continue to mangle capitalism into a sham, they are privately pocketing the majority of the growth and prosperity generated by the working class through their productivity.

As more and more money is sucked out of the economic pool by the plutocrats, the economy and the people suffer in a myriad of ways and create a vicious cycle that will continue to exacerbate over time.

The immediate result is that the money multiplier effect diminishes and the economy is struggling to grow and may begin to shrink.  If the economy is not growing, it cannot hire more people and/or pay them higher wages.  With the population still growing, it means there will be more people competing for the available money, and the net effect is there is less for everyone.  If there are more workers than jobs, then the wages will become even lower.  If people are making less and less money, their living standard is going to deteriorate.  As their lives become more miserable, their productivity will decrease and cause the economy to slow even more.  If it is allowed to go on and on, such an economy can become a death spiral onto itself.

At a certain point, there will be more losers than winners, as inequality continues to increase.

We believe that we are right now somewhere around that tipping point.  The revolt is not quite in full force yet because of several reasons.

  1. The majority of the working class is deceived by the lies and deception of the kleptocrats.
  2. The majority of the working class is too deprived, distracted, detached and/or disillusioned to pay attention, and more importantly, feels too powerless to change.
  3. The majority of the working class wants to be proud of and believe in the good names of democracy and capitalism which have brought prosperity to the previous generation, without realizing that the original good-intentioned systems have been eroded and corrupted by those in power.
  4. The majority of the working class is not informed enough to easily understand the complex and opaque schemes of how the current capitalism math does not add up.
  5. The majority of the working class does not see an effective alternative to replace the current capitalist system.

Let us imagine what if…