A brief summary on how NATORZ tames the corrupted capitalist economy in America

NATORZ is established as a non-profit organization and starts pooling and accumulating capital and other resources from its members and through donations.

NATORZ starts registering, certifying and ‘natorizing’ all relevant economic enterprises.

NATORZ starts buying and operating the ‘natorized’ need-based businesses.

NATORZ treats its workers fairly by paying a living wage or its equivalent and offering satisfying jobs and reasonable working conditions.

NATORZ raises efficiency, productivity and profit margin by adopting the NATORZ Doctrine and targeting to lower costs and boost revenues.

NATORZ, through its G.R.E.E.N.-laundering process, redirects money first and subsequently human, material and financial resources from the capitalist economy to the NATORZ economy.

NATORZ economic enterprises coalesce to form the Greenopoly and start to dominate various need-based industries.

NATORZ uses its profit to boost further employment, reinvests its profit into more ‘natorized’ economic enterprises, and/or practice universal profit-sharing, thereby boosting economic growth.

NATORZ economic growth turbo-charges the money multiplier effect and the virtuous cycle, hires more and more people and spread to more and more parts of the capitalist economy.

As the NATORZ economy develops and draws more and more human, material and financial resources, the capitalist economy will have to respond and change.  With the two economic systems lock into a competition, there are three possible scenarios:

  1. The NATORZ economy dominates most if not all of the overall economy by proving to be more superior and more competitive than the capitalist economy.
  2. Both the NATORZ economy and capitalist economy co-exists and dominates different parts of the overall economy by being more competitive and more adept at serving certain segments that each dominates.
  3. The capitalist economy dominates most if not all of the overall economy by somehow evolving to retain a competitive edge over the NATORZ economy, by eliminating all its corrupting elements and winning over the majority of the populace.

Disregard the final outcome, the NATORZ economy will initiate changes that are necessary for our human economy to evolve and detour from our current path toward climate apocalypse, and hopefully toward a new path of a sustainable and viable future for all of us on Earth.  At the end of the day, it does not matter who wins or who loses, as long as humanity can continue to exist sustainably, self-sufficiently and resiliently.

Let us imagine what if…