Climate Change Haiku Outlet

Capitalist greed

Afflicts climate and people.

Businesses must change.

Big oil Exxon asks

To regulate methane gas.

Is the tide turning?

Clean and green growth from

Renewable wind power

Is prime investment.

Climate deal ensures

Momentum for more actions,

To save us from doom.

Youths can’t wait longer

For government inaction

As climate gets worse.

Non-profit co-op

Sealed solar deal with Facebook.

Climate justice won.

Climate risks foment

Global instability.

Big investors warn.

Carbon-free lifestyle

Is viable and vital,

Lest climate change scourge.

Climate wrecking ball

Prompts mass extinction by us.

Humans will be next.

Rising emissions

From more cars and coal, will drive

Humans off the cliff.

Clean power promotes

Renewables and saves us

From dire climate change.

The Green New Deal can

Speed up fixing climate change

While bringing green jobs.

Fossil fuels spoil

Climate and environment.

Keep them in the ground.

Non-stop climate change

Requires serious response

Urgently right now.

Capture and storage

Of carbon is expensive

But necessary.


Global food system is bad

For health and climate.

Climate change brings more

Heat, rain, fire, and warm oceans;

Pests plus Arctic woes.

Greenhouse gas levels

Keep rising and warming Earth.

This can’t continue.

Climate crisis risks

Our safety and properties

Now and thereafter.

Climate change sea rise

Is a collective problem.

All must help solve it.

More climate perils

Can happen at the same time.

Act now or suffer.

Businesses must solve

The climate change quandary.

Or they won’t sustain.

Forests and farmlands

Capture, store and sink carbon,

Slowing climate change.

Climate change stories

Need persistent coverage

For people to care.

Decentralized grid

Powered by renewables

Will be more robust.

We can all become

Climate refugees someday

By failing to act.

Climate change worsens

Extreme weather and wildfires.

We have been forewarned.

Big investments for

Battery storage safeguard

Carbon free future.

New green tech marshals

Engineered symbiosis

For clean energy.

The Green New Deal can

Boost climate change solutions.

Hope it gains traction.

Fighting climate change

Means stopping energy wastes

Like bitcoin mining.

Without right flood maps,

Homeowners bear more costs from

More climate flooding.

Carbon makes oceans

More acidic and destroys

The marine food chain.

More managed retreats

Will cut recovery costs

From chronic flooding.

Climate change threatens

All current ecosystems.

We need them to live.

Travertine can cut

Flooding and pollution to

Guard future cities.

New cooling tech can

Lower temp and power use.

Win-win for climate.

Climate changed future

Will be confusing to crops.

Good luck at coping.

Carbon removal

Is a prudent investment

As climate Plan B.

The military

Leaves out climate change costs and

Ends up in the dark.

Fast melting Third Pole

Means scarce drinking water for

Billion Asians.

More droughts and floods from

Climate change hurt food crop yields.

Adapt now or fail.

High costs will come if

We don’t pay to adapt soon.

Fix climate change now.

Fighting climate change

Can cut looming losses and

Bolster future growth.

Fixing climate change

Costs less now than later, and

Will save many lives.

Europe invests big

On battery storage for

Clean power future.

Electric cars are

Good for climate and wallet.

We need to switch now.

Faster stronger storms

Are clear climate change signals.

No time to diddle.

Climate change can crash

Global economy if

We don’t act on it.

All must be on board

For carbon tax to succeed

To curb climate change.

Entrenched businesses

Put profit above mankind.

Climate change be damned.

Climate disasters

Are sure to cripple us all.

Heed the final call.

Buyout and retreat

Must be used to adapt to

Climate change flooding.

Sea rise plus storm surge

Worsened flooding by Florence.

The future is grim.

Climate fixes pose

All cost and no benefit.

So are we lied to.

New carbon ballot

Can change climate politics.

Vote for clean future.

U.S. led by Trump

Wholly ignores climate risks.

We are all condemned.

Global leaders meet

But can’t push climate actions.

Time is running out.

Cheap power storage

Gives renewables big boost

To go carbon-free.

The Earth keeps warming

While leaders keep heads in sand.

Grassroots need to drive.

The more populous,

The less food those states can grow.

Climate change’s not fair.

U.S. loses big

By not fixing climate change

With costly high stakes.

The best insurance

Is to act on climate now

To lessen havoc.

Both women’s rights and

Techno fixes are needed

To fight climate change.

People must accept

The ‘retreat’ option to skirt

Climate change flooding.

Solar power with

Battery storage has shown

More resilience.

It’ll cost us dearly

If we ignore climate change.

Trust climate science.

When profit vultures

Subvert climate change insights,

We all pay the price.

Bigger wetter storms

Portend climate changed future.

Don’t sit on our hands.

Hurricanes will get

More intense with climate change

And cause more losses.

Climate-driven fires

Burn bigger and last longer.

The worst’s yet to come.

Airports are flooded

And can strand people and goods.

Save climate or bust.

Economic growth

Through climate tech investments

Is a win-win fix.

Sea rise discount hits

Not just coastal home values.

Where do people move?

Better climate and

Better growth can be aligned.

Green jobs can do both.

Algae blooms poison

Drinking water and our health.

Fixing costs run high.

Rapid climate change

Dooms ecosystems to fail.

No time to adapt.

Carbon-free power

Helps to abate climate change.

We must all adopt.

Food nutrition shrinks

With carbon-led climate change.

The poor bears the brunt.

Fixing climate change

Needs to guarantee justice

For all walks of life.

Climate miseries

Caused by carbon emissions

Have become the norm.

Fossil fuel firms

Are shielded from climate change

With bilked public funds.

Permafrost emits

Methane gas when unfrozen.

Our climate may tip.

Economic costs

Will balloon with climate change.

Who will pay for them?

FEMA’s new program

Pays to rebuild on floodplains.

It’s not a smart plan.

The government can’t

Pay all climate damages.

They will bankrupt us.

New solar panels

Get cheaper and last longer,

Let the sun help us.

Voting for climate

Will save us from extinction.

Green jobs better all.

Green energy reigns.

Fossil fuels should retire.

Let climate recoup.

Clean energy can

Prevent worst climate nightmares.

Time to get on board.

Farming will suffer

With climate shifting rainfall.

Food won’t be secure.

Acting on climate

Is better late than sorry.

Don’t throw up your hands.

Climate effects are

Cascading over the top.

More extremes to come.

Climate is tipping

Towards hellish weather state.

Act before too late.

Global extreme heat

Harms health and economy.

Act now or perish.

Emissions made worse

By fuel standard rollbacks

Hurt climate and health.

Electric buses

Run clean and emission-free.

Follow China’s lead.

Solar farms improve

Jobs, energy and climate.

Let the sun help us.

The Earth is condemned

By extreme climate records.

We all need to act.

Battery power

From renewables saves cash

And fights climate change.

High temperatures

Slash productivity and

Crush economy.

Satellite pictures

Show concrete climate change proofs.

Hope they prompt actions.

Chain reactions from

Extreme climate change events

Inflict harm and costs.

Trump appointees snub

Climate science and ruin

Our national parks.

Drowned island nations

Foretell all coasts’ bleak future.

Plan for retreat now.

Climate change causes

Extreme weather disasters.

People must be warned.

U.S. isn’t ready

For climate change disasters.

We are on our own.

Teens form Zero Hour

To fight for climate change and

Save their own future.

Flora and fauna,

Flummoxed by changing climate,

Cannot all adapt.

Heat waves and wildfires

Scorch Sweden and the Arctic,

With nowhere unscathed.

The Pope boosts support

For global climate action.

This is leadership.

With poor management,

Drinking water will run out

When aquifers dry.

Coastal flooding may

Drown most internet cables

With sea level rise.

Extreme heat makes life

Unbearable for people.

Act on climate now.

Supersonic jets

Will spike carbon emissions

When they should be slashed.

Fearful and helpless,

Folks fear for their kids’ future

With climate extremes.

Warming days and nights

Will kill more and more people.

No time to cool down.

Firestorms are rampant

With global warming unchecked.

All heat hell breaks loose.

Retreat to high ground

Won’t shield us from climate change.

All coasts will still drown.

Off grid power with

Renewables can replace

Fossil reliance.

Dangerous heat waves

And records keep occurring.

How hot can we stand?

Carbon capture with

Negative emissions is

A survival path.

Climate change is harsh

And can ravage random lives.

Defend the helpless.


Can fix tons of carbon through


Farming underground

Helps to adapt to climate.

All can learn from them.

Heat and drought kill crops.

Climate refugees need help.

More are yet to come.

Nature can inspire

Novel climate solutions.

Think outside the box.

Excess nitrogen

Creates ocean dead zones and

Adds to greenhouse gas.

Air capture can turn

Carbon to liquid fuels.

Tech may save climate.

Forget about Trump.

He can’t lead on climate change.

We are on our own.

Curbing methane leaks

Helps climate and saves money.

It pays for itself.

We are myopic.

Climate fix is complex for

Both long and short term.

To ease climate change,

Carbon tax is a first step.

Urgency persists.

Climate warnings squeal.

Threats to humanity mount.

Act now or succumb.

Climate risks abound.

Watch out for high risk markets.

A crash is coming.

Oil and gas are damned.

Stop the mining and burning.

Leave them in the ground.

It is plain to see.

Polar ice is melting fast.

Stop warming or drown.

Old baobabs succumb

To increasing drought and heat.

Climate spares no one.

Crop failures loom large.

Climate change will slash food source.

How do we make up?

Nuisance flooding jumps.

Coasts will lose to rising sea.

Ignore at great risk.

To ease climate doom,

The Pope may sway oil execs.

This is leadership.

Solar tariff hurts

Both jobs and climate progress.

Where’s the leadership?

Be sustainable.

Consume just for needs not wants,

Less instead of more.

Tech may help climate

But takes time to develop.

Stop emissions first.

Our blind spots may cause

Economy to collapse

With huge climate costs.

Renewables boom

Has to negate emissions

To stall climate hell.

Fracking craze comes back.

Human health and climate ail.

The Earth will be boiled.

It is expensive

Not to take climate actions.

Costs keep adding up.

Tar sands are dirty.

They aggravate climate change.

Block them, Canada!

We need everyone

To rise up, organize and

Tackle climate change.

Trump bails on climate.

Vietnam expands coal use.

Climate fight got hit.

Carbon pollution

Impairs food security

And nutrition, too.

Huge energy use

By pointless Bitcoin mining

Can doom climate fight.

Coastal properties

Cannot fight sea level rise.

They will be submerged.

Carbon addiction

Fails poor nations and islands.

Where’s climate justice?

Improved ag practice

Boosts yield, saves resources and

Adapts to climate.

To meet demand from

Rising air-con power use,

Wind and solar win.

With sea ice all gone,

Arctic Ocean warms faster,

And toasts the Earth more.

Solar jobs are good

For our health, jobs and climate.

Triple win or lose.

Climate is changing,

With more storms getting more fierce.

We all pay the price.

We must be mindful

Of air travel’s and tourists’

Carbon emissions.

Laced with chemicals,

Lawns can harm us and wildlife.

Stop using poisons.

Cool renewables

Save lives, climate and future.

We should all adopt.

Heat is building up.

Climate records keep breaking.

When will we panic?

Climate needs fixing.

Bloomberg chips in millions.

How much will you help?

EPA weakens

Car emission rules at will.

We must not give in.

Global warming spurs

More ticks’ and mosquitoes’ ills.

Climate woes get worse.

Though Pruitt may raze

Rules on EPA science,

Climate won’t buckle.

Capitalist greed

Subjugates climate change risks

And dooms our species.

Pollution pods show

Dire health risks from toxic air

That shortens our lives.

Mass extinctions cause

Missing links in the food chain.

The harm will find us.

Care about climate?

Self-immolation is moot.

Few barely noticed.

If we love this Earth,

Don’t abuse it without end.

We must all clean up.

Dead corals are signs,

Like canaries in coal mines.

Humans will be next.

Water sustains life.

Climate change may make it scarce.

Act while we still can.

Will climate change slow

By massive carbon capture?

Our future can’t wait.

Digging our graves by

Endless resource extractions

Hastens our demise.

Data breach alert!

Privacy has no value

Except for profit.

Don’t ever forget

Harvey and Irma presage

Our climate crisis.

Fossil fuels wane.

Renewable armies rise.

Climate fight persists.

The guilty will pay

When webs of lies unravel.

Then justice prevails.

Profiteering trumps

Real news and information

And robs our minds blind.