The Nature Order Zociety, as an organization, does not exist yet.  But I am hopeful that it will soon, in one form or another.  In short, it is a future non-profit, human, humane, humanist, sustainable, self-sufficient, resilient community-economy built from grassroots human, material & financial resources, to sustain humanity in the face of drastic climate change impacts.

Ideally, the Nature Order Zociety or NATORZ will be a non-profit human, humane, and humanist grassroots organization, together with its charters, that pool human, material and financial resources from its members to organize, build and retrofit sustainable, self-sufficient, resilient, carbon neutral, environmentally friendly and safe community-economies for human inhabitation based on a set of evidence-based scientific principles and best practices available from the order of nature and human discoveries.  Through smart, sensible and responsible actions, NATORZ aims at maximizing resource utilization, efficiency and benefits while minimizing waste and impact on the natural ecosystems to achieve health, happiness, harmony, high quality of life and harm minimization for humans while maintaining well-being, balance and survival of all other living species on Earth.

Considering that the social and economic fates of any community are intricately and indelibly bound together, a NATORZ humane society will be a hybrid community-economy, which blurs and merges the lines between the community and its economy and between individuals and economic enterprises to make it as practically and holistically sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient as possible.  The community with its residents and partners from other communities will become an umbrella that are inclusive and protective by putting the collective economic interests before individual economic interests, and will act more like a family household with members working together for the benefit of the whole family’s well-being.  In the current age of economic inequality, uncertainty and hardship for most of the world’s population, it just makes sense to pool and share all human, material and financial resources equitably and efficiently, to take care of each other and to work together to make the world a secured, comfortable and desirable habitat for everyone.