I Wish Our Emissions Will Never Grow by NATORZ (Song credits: Everglow by Coldplay)

Climate Song & Poem Series

They say summers come, say summers go
This particular season was extra evil
Though wildfires are gone, and the storms are on hold
Still I feel like the end of my world
(And I can’t calm and rest in repose)

Burning carbon can kill, fossil fuels are our foes
Oil addiction displaces migrants in droves
How come people don’t stop? How come they don’t slow?
Now that climate has shifted on Earth
And we’re gonna get hurt as a whole

When hot winds blow, blow
With our future stowed, stowed
Politicians are bailing with the world in death throes
Who will save us from dying in a sinking boat?

With glaciers melting, coral dying untold
The world breezes along like business as usual
With the changing of winds, and the way waters flow
Will it bring our whole planet to fold?
And we’re gonna be sorry we know

When hot winds blow, blow
With our future stowed, stowed
Our survival’s in danger due to oil troubles
It all depends on which way we go
So we need to stop carbon from taking hold

What I wouldn’t give for our future to glow
Yeah I hope for our carbon stay extra low

So if we love this Earth, don’t say I told you so
How I wish our emissions will never grow

Climate Song & Poem Series

#Blessings to #CA #LA #Wildfire #OutOfControl #Disaster

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