#ClimateChange #Haiku 18/07/21

350.org – Pope Francis calls for people power ahead of climate summit

The Pope delivered his support for community mobilisations on the final day of a climate change summit hosted by the Vatican that aims to put his landmark environmental encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ into action by ‘inspiring a “massive movement” for the care of our imperilled common planetary home’.

The Summit, entitled ‘Saving Our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth’, is being attended by faith leaders, youth activists, leading scientists, frontline community representatives and senior political figures. These participants have already delivered resounding demands to keep fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy, now the Pope’s call to action has put the importance of people power firmly in the spotlight.

The Pope boosts support

For global climate action.

This is leadership.

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#ClimateChange #Haiku 18/07/20

NY Times – The Water Wars of Arizona

Of the planet’s 37 major aquifer systems, they discovered, 21 were on the verge of collapse. In the Great Plains, farmers had exhausted a third of Ogallala’s potable water in just 30 years. In California, the Central Valley aquifer was showing signs that it could drop beyond human reach by the middle of this century. But the worst declines were in Asia and the Middle East, where some of the planet’s oldest aquifers were already running out of water. “While we are so busy worrying about the water that we can see,” Famiglietti told me, “the water that we can’t see, the groundwater, is quietly disappearing.”

In the United States, it is disappearing most rapidly in the rural agricultural belt extending from Kansas to California. Without ready access to more traditional stores of water, many farmers have been forced to rely even more heavily on groundwater, pitting them against local residents watching their wells go dry. In 2014, in Tulare County, Calif., 7,000 people ran out of drinking water. The next year, wells hit a record low, as 64 percent recorded declines nationwide and one in 30 failed in Western states. Squeezed by drought and tightening regulations, large farms started to seek out lesser-known pockets of cheap water. In rural Arizona, where there are essentially no groundwater regulations governing irrigation, they found an ideal destination.

With poor management,

Drinking water will run out

When aquifers dry.

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#ClimateChange #Haiku 18/07/19

HuffPost – Rising Seas Are Putting The Internet At Risk, Study Finds

The peer-reviewed study, presented Monday at a conference of internet researchers in Montreal, estimates that 4,067 miles of fiber optic cables will be underwater and 1,101 hardware centers will be surrounded by water if seas surge by a foot over the next decade and a half. Buried cables, unlike the transoceanic conduits that ferry data from continent to continent, are not waterproof, meaning those figures could skyrocket by the end of the century if worst-case scenario projections of six feet of sea level rise prove accurate.

Coastal flooding may

Drown most internet cables

With sea level rise.

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Climate Change Haiku: July 18 , 2018

NY Times – In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable

Extreme heat can kill, as it did by the dozens in Pakistan in May. But as many of South Asia’s already-scorching cities get even hotter, scientists and economists are warning of a quieter, more far-reaching danger: Extreme heat is devastating the health and livelihoods of tens of millions more.

If global greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current pace, they say, heat and humidity levels could become unbearable, especially for the poor.

It is already making them poorer and sicker.

Extreme heat makes life

Unbearable for people.

Act on climate now.

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Climate Change Haiku: July 17, 2018

HuffPost – Supersonic Jets For The Ultra Rich Could Be A Climate Change Disaster

The ICCT, which uncovered the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, warns that increased emissions from the new jets risk “large environmental consequences.” Its report concludes that the planes will burn five to seven times more fuel than normal aircraft and break United Nations-set carbon dioxide emissions limits for aircraft by 70 percent.

“People should be worried,” Daniel Rutherford, one of the report’s authors, told HuffPost. “We know that even without these supersonic jets, emissions from international aviation are expected to triple by 2050.”Supersonic jets emit far more carbon dioxide than traditional planes because of their heavier weight and the consequent amount of fuel needed to take off and break the sound barrier. Those emissions of carbon dioxide and water vapor take place at 60,000 feet, around double the altitude of a normal aircraft. That affects the balance between the sunlight that reaches earth and the energy reflected back into space, in a process known as “radiative forcing” that may dramatically boost to global warming.

Supersonic jets

Will spike carbon emissions

When they should be slashed.

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Climate Change Haiku: July 16, 2018

NY Times – Raising a Child in a Doomed World

Anyone who pays much attention to climate change knows the outlook is grim. It’s not unreasonable to say that the challenge we face today is the greatest the human species has ever confronted. And anyone who pays much attention to politics can assume we’re almost certainly going to botch it. To stop emitting waste carbon completely within the next five or 10 years, we would need to radically reorient almost all human economic and social production, a task that’s scarcely imaginable, much less feasible. It would demand centralized control of key economic sectors, enormous state investment in carbon capture and sequestration and global coordination on a scale never before seen, at the very time when the political and economic structures that held the capitalist world order together under American leadership after World War II are breaking apart. The very idea of unified national political action toward a single goal seems farcical, and unified action on a global scale mere whimsy.

Fearful and helpless,

Folks fear for their kids’ future

With climate extremes.

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Haiku: July 13, 2018

NY Times – Nights Are Warming Faster Than Days. Here’s Why That’s Dangerous.

In a typical year, heat waves kill more Americans than any other natural disaster including floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.

While warm summer nights may seem less concerning than scorching afternoons, “the combination of high daytime and high nighttime temperatures can be really lethal because the body doesn’t have a chance to cool down during the nighttime hours,” said Lara Cushing, professor of environmental epidemiology at San Francisco State University.

Warming days and nights

Will kill more and more people.

No time to cool down.

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